Besplatni probni predlošci e-pošte

Svatko tko upravlja SaaS-om zna da su korisnici besplatnog probnog razdoblja neki od najboljih potencijalnih kupaca koje tvrtka može dobiti. To su potencijalni kupci koji su već odlučili isprobati Vaš proizvod, pa ako ih ne uspijete pretvoriti u kupce koji plaćaju, niska stopa pretvorbe može ozbiljno oštetiti Vašu dobit. Međutim, prema anketi više od 300 SaaS stručnjaka, u prosjeku, samo 20% korisnika besplatnog probnog razdoblja prebacuje se na plaćeni plan. Slijedi nekoliko savjeta za stvaranje učinkovitih poruka e-pošte za besplatne probne marketinške kampanje e-pošte, kao i 10 snažnih predložaka za praćenje e-pošte koje možete koristiti za povećanje stope konverzije besplatnog probnog rada.

Preporuke za besplatnu probnu poštu putem e-pošte

  • Uključite CTA koji potiče sljedeće korake i tjera nove korisnike natrag u proizvod.
  • Stvorite osjećaj hitnosti i podsjetite korisnike koliko još mora trajati njihovo besplatno probno razdoblje.
  • Uključite vezu do svojih najboljih resursa za samopomoć (kratki vodič, video vodič, često postavljana pitanja itd.).
  • Prodajte prednosti, a ne značajke (pokažite korisnicima što te značajke mogu učiniti kako bi riješile njihove bolne točke).
  • Naglasite što će korisnici propustiti ako ne nadograde na plaćeni plan.
  • Prilagodite svoje e-poruke za praćenje što je više moguće kako biste uspostavili povjerenje korisnika.
  • Segmentirajte svoj popis e-pošte (aktivni, poluaktivni, neaktivni probni korisnici) i prema tome prilagodite svoje kampanje e-pošte.
  • Upotrijebite podijeljeno testiranje za stvaranje učinkovitijih sadržaja za nove korisnike.
  • Razmislite o slanju pokrenutih e-poruka na temelju ponašanja korisnika.
  • Skratite probno razdoblje (preporučuje se zadržati 14 dana za B2B SaaS proizvode).
  • Ponudite poticaje za poboljšanje uspjeha vaše besplatne probne marketinške strategije (dodatni popust, bonus, produljenje probnog perioda itd.).

10 primjera besplatnih probnih e-poruka

Iako većina korisnika besplatnog probnog razdoblja nikada ne postaje kupac, čak i blago povećanje stope konverzije može rezultirati značajnim povećanjem prihoda. U mnogim slučajevima, jednostavna, pravovremena naknadna e-poruka dovoljna je da potakne izglede nadogradnju na plaćeni plan. Evo 10 osnovnih primjera besplatnih probnih e-poruka koje možete koristiti kao polazište za stvaranje vlastitog besplatnog probnog tijeka e-pošte i pretvaranje više besplatnih korisnika u korisnike koji plaćaju.

Besplatna probna verzija e-pošte

Hi [Name],

Welcome to [Product]! I’m [Name] and I’m excited to guide you through your trial.

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to login and play around a little bit. If you haven’t, no worries. Take a look at our Getting Started Guide – it’ll walk you through how to set up your account and introduce the basics of [Product].

What happens next?

Keep an eye on your inbox as over the next [length of trial] days, I’ll be sending you the best tips for using [Product].

In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, simply email me back and I’ll be happy to assist you!

Thank you so much,


Besplatna probna e-pošta za podršku

Hi [Name],

Congratulations on starting your journey with [Product]. We’re excited you’re here and can’t wait to help you get started. Here’s what you should do first off to get the most value out of your free trial:

[Step 1:]
[Step 2:]
[Step 3:]

To help you get up to speed, here are the top three questions our customers usually have on the first day, answered right in front of you, so you don’t have to hunt around for the answers:

[Question 1:]
[Question 2:]
[Question 3:]

If you need any assistance, simply reply to this email. We will check in with you shortly to see how things are going. Until then, enjoy your free trial!



E-pošta za prijavu

Hi [Name],

It’s been [number] days since you signed up for [Product’s] trial. I just wanted to check in to see how things are going and make sure you’re getting the most out of [Product].

I noticed that you haven’t got a chance to [create/ upload/ set up, etc.]. This [video/ user guide/ webinar] will help you if you’re stuck or unsure about where to start:
How to [action] [result] in [Product]

If you still have any questions, simply reply back to this email and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Also, our support center has a ton of FAQs you might find helpful.

As always, I’m here to assist in any way so don’t be a stranger!



E-pošta za predstavljanje

Hi [Name],

You’ve [completed action with the product]. It looks like you’re already starting to get results!

This is a great time to consider taking a look at our different plans so you can take full advantage of [Product].

On average, our customers see [data-driven benefit]. Plus, if you upgrade your account, you’ll get:

[Premium feature 1] that helps you with [benefit 1].
[Premium feature 2] that allows you to [benefit 2].
[Premium feature 3] that enables you to [benefit 3].

If you’re ready, take a look at our premium plans here.

If you have any questions or need help choosing the right plan for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’ll be happy to assist. Simply hit reply or join us on live chat during business hours.



Besplatna e-pošta s isticanjem probnog roka

Hi [Name],

We hope you have been enjoying your free trial with [Product].

Unfortunately, we’re coming to the end of this journey, but we’d love to keep it going!

In order to [what they stand to lose by not upgrading], you’ll need to select one of our paid plans. Otherwise, your trial will end in [number of days left] and you won’t be able to access premium features any longer.

Choose your plan now

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, you should try the Basic plan – it’s a great place to start.

Have any questions or need help? We’re only an email away – just hit reply and we’ll get right back to you.


Besplatna e-pošta za produljenje probnog perioda 

Hi [Name],

Your [Product] free trial has expired! But don’t worry – your [data] has been saved and is still available.

We know how busy life gets — and thought you might need some extra time to check out [Product].

Just reply to this email or click to get an extra 10 days:

Extend my free trial

If you enjoyed [Product], take one minute to upgrade. Our subscription plans start at [price] a month and all include [list of premium features].

Upgrade now to keep using [Product]

Have any questions or feedback? Let us know and we’ll gladly help.

Thanks for trying [Product]!


E-pošta s popustom/ posebnom ponudom

Hi [Name],

Unfortunately, your free trial has come to an end, but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

As a thank you for trying [Product], if you upgrade to an annual plan today, you’ll save 20% (that’s 2.4 months for free each year!) But here’s the catch. It’s only good for 24 hours.

If you’re serious about [pain point your product solves], then I strongly suggest grabbing this deal before it expires.

Get the deal here

Let’s take your business where you know it deserves to be!



Besplatna e-pošta s povratnim informacijama o probnom razdoblju

Hi [Name],

Your [Product] trial is over and you won’t be able to use premium features until you purchase one of our paid plans.

Monthly plans start from only [price], you can take a look at all the options here: link to upgrade

Though it will hurt us to see you go, if you choose not to continue with a paid subscription, we respect your decision. You will do us a great HELP if you could let us know your feedback on why you choose not to upgrade to a paid plan.

Looking forward to having you as a customer!



E-pošta za anketu nakon probnog razdoblja (nekonvertirana probna e-pošta)

Hi [Name],

Thanks so much for giving [Product] a try.

We noticed you didn’t upgrade your [Product] account, but that’s totally fine. Even though you chose not to go with a paid plan, we’d love to hear about your experience with us. It’ll help us improve our product, so you’ll be doing us a huge favor.

If you have a minute, could you please fill out our quick survey here (takes less than a minute!)? It would be much appreciated.

We are sad to see you go, but we hope to see you again in the future. If you’d like to give [Product] another try, later on, we’ll be happy to help!



E-pošta za praćenje nakon suđenja

Hi [Name],

It’s been a while since you signed up for [Product’s] trial. I just wanted to check back in to see how things are going. Did you end up going with another product?
If you’re still looking for a solution for [pain point], I wanted to give you a quick rundown of some of the new features we’ve added to [Product] recently:

[Feature #1][Feature #2][Feature #3]

If you’re interested in checking out the improved version of [Product], we’d be happy to offer you a new free trial. Let us know by replying to this email!
And even if you’re not interested, I’m still happy to help you out in any way we can.



Bonus: Pretvorena probna e-pošta

Hi [Name],
Congratulations, you are now able to fully access [feature 1], [feature 2], and [feature 3] without any limitations.
We can’t wait to see how [Product] will benefit your business.
Thank you so much![YOUR SIGNATURE]
P.S. If you want to double down and get your whole team immersed into [Product] faster, jump on our next week’s customer training on how to [use case].

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