Predlošci e-maila s isprikom

Svaka tvrtka povremeno pravi pogreške. U većini slučajeva, jednostavan i profesionalan e-mail s isprikom ima sposobnost da promijeni na bolje korisnikov pogled na situaciju, te će Vam pomoći da održite svoje vezu s korisnicima. Neovisno što se dogodilo, odnosno tko je pogriješio, dobro napisano, pravodobno pismo s isprikom može u velikoj mjeri pretvoriti negativno korisničko iskustvo u pozitivno, istodobno povećavajući zadržavanje korisnika i smanjujući odlazak.

Zapravo, prema izvještaju od RightNow, 63% potrošača se nakon negativnog iskustva spremno vratiti natrag kompaniji, ukoliko su primili ispriku/ispravku od nadležne osobe/uprave. Istovremeno, izbjegavanje isprike, ili loša isprika mogu lako pogoršati situaciju. Ispod možete pronaći neke savjete kako da napišete efikasne e-mailove s isprikom vašim korisnicima, skupa s 10 već pripremljenih predložaka za e-mail s isprikom koje možete koristiti kada god trebali kako bi odgovorili na slične situacije i ispričali se u ime vašeg poduzeća.

Kako pisati e-mail s isprikom korisnicima

  • Pobrinite se da bude jasno da se ispričavate za situaciju koja se dogodila bez prebacivanja krivnje.
  • Prihvatite pogrešku i preuzmite odgovornost čak i onda kada vi niste krivi.
  • Prihvatite korisnikove negativne emocije, osjećaje i bol.
  • Budite transparentni i objasnite kupcima što je pošlo po zlu i što je uzrokovalo problem.
  • Dajte jasan plan oporavka i objasnite što ćete poduzeti ili učiniti da se stvari poprave.
  • Opišite korake koje poduzimate kako bi bili sigurni da se greška više ne ponovi.
  • Ponudite povrat novca ili bilo koju drugu razumnu naknadu, ukoliko ima smisla.
  • Učinite svoju poruku isprike osobnom, kada postoji mogućnost za isto.
Predložak e-maila s isprikom od Kukuruze
Predložak e-maila s isprikom od Kukuruze

10 predložaka e-maila s isprikom

Bez obzira imate li posla s oštećenim proizvodima, problemima s naplatom, prekidima usluge, negativnim iskustvima korisničke podrške ili bilo čime drugim, ako imate pri ruci ubjedljive predloške e-maila s isprikom, to Vam omogućuje da reagirate brzo i obuhvatite cjelokupnu problematiku kada nešto nije išlo po planu. Ovdje možete pronaći 10 predložaka pisma s isprikom koji mogu poslužiti kao uputa za različite situacije u kojima biste se trebali ispričati svojim kupcima.

E-mail s isprikom zbog nezadovoljavajućeg proizvoda

Hi [Name],

On behalf of our company, I want to apologize for sending you a defective item.

Our team tries to implement effective quality control for our products, but we failed this time, and we regret that your product slipped past our quality measures. I realize it was frustrating for you and I’m very sorry.

In order to make things right I’d like to propose two solutions:

[Solution 1: for example, full refund]
[Solution 2: for example, replace the product with a new one]

All you have to do is inform me what suits you best and leave the rest up to me.

Thank you for your patience.

SaaS proizvod izdaje e-mail s isprikom

Hi [Name],

We’re so sorry about the issues you’ve been having with [product]. We know how frustrating it is when technical issues prevent you from getting your work done.

This was likely caused by a malfunction in our own servers, so we’re actively trying to minimize the possibility of this happening again.

In the meantime, we’re going to give you back this month’s subscription cost as an additional apology.

Thank you for your patience. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like any help or more


E-mail isprike u vezi negativnog iskustva sa korisničkom podrškom

Dear [Name],

I’m so sorry to hear about the poor experience you had with our customer support agent. I realize how frustrating it must be to [details of the issue]. We obviously failed this time, and for that, we are very sorry.

Our customer support reps have all been trained on how to handle our customers’ issues, including how to escalate problems that they are unable to assist with. However, as a result of this experience, we’ve decided to provide additional training to our entire customer support team to make sure that this won’t happen again.

As an additional apology, we’re sending you a 20% discount for your next order. You can use this code: [CODE]

Thank you for your patience and for bringing the issue to our attention. Let me know If there’s anything else we can do.


E-mail s isprikom zbog zastoja sa uslugom

Dear [Name],

I want to apologize for our extended downtime yesterday. As stated in our SLAs, our team guarantees 99% uptime every day, and this was one of the few times we failed to uphold our standard. We realize we caused operational problems to you and we are very sorry for that.

This was likely caused by [explaining the reason].

We’ll do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen again. As an additional apology, we are offering [details of your offering].

Thank you for your patience and understanding. As always, if you have any questions or issues, please let us know.


E-mail s isprikom zbog pogrešne naplate

Dear [Name],

Thank you for contacting our customer support and for bringing this issue to our attention. We’re so sorry that you were charged twice for the same product.

This is a terrible mistake caused by a glitch in our billing system, and we’re currently looking into how this could have happened. As soon as we find the bug in our system, we’re going to squash it!

In the meantime, we have refunded you the full amount of one of the charges, including extra charges and tax. Please allow 1-3 business days for the amount to appear back on your credit card.

Getting overcharged is a stressful and frustrating ordeal, and we’re sorry once again to have put you through that. If there are any other issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


E-mail s isprikom zbog problema sa web stranicom  


We blew it!

You may have noticed that our website had trouble today keeping up with the unexpectedly large amount of interest in our [details of promo] sale.

We’re happy to say this has now been fixed – hurrah!

If you had trouble shopping, don’t worry – we have extended our sale until [date]!

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Predložak e-maila s isprikom zbog problema sa dostavom


We just realized that the [type of emails] emails we’ve been sending to you lately might have not gotten through to you on time.

There has been a glitch in our database, but the good news is that it’s all sorted now, so you’ll be kept up-to-date with our exclusive deals and promotions. We’ll also make sure this doesn’t happen again.

We’re very sorry if in the meantime you’ve missed some of our offers. By way of an apology, we’d like to give you [details of your offer].

Thanks for understanding.

E-mail s isprikom zbog opoziva prozivoda

Dear valued customer,

Due to [reasons], we must recall our [product]. We are very sorry that [product] has slipped past our quality standards.

If you have bought this item, please click below for details of how to return it and receive a full refund (plus a little extra compensation).

We will continue to create the products that our customers love, but with more extensive quality testing to ensure that this situation remains an isolated incident.

We thank you all for your loyalty over these [number] years that we have been in business — we will work hard to not disappoint you in the future. Once again, please accept our apologies for this unpleasant event.


E-mail s masovnom isprikom

To our valuable [Company name] customers,

As you may already know, at [time] today, we experienced [description of issue], which affected [number] customers. We realize that caused operational problems to many of you and we would like to apologize for that.

Here’s what happened: [details of the problem and status of the resolution].

Our company aims to offer the best possible service to our customers, and we know we’ve let you down. We are taking this incident very seriously and are doing a full analysis on this issue, the root cause, the impact, and how to prevent this from happening again.

As an additional apology, anyone who was affected by this will be able to [details of your offering]. While we understand it can’t exactly make up for the inconvenience we caused, we hope it’ll go some way towards making amends.

Thank you for your patience. If there is anything else our team can do to improve your experience, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email and ask.


 Prateći e-mail s isprikom

Hello [Name],

I wanted to check in with you regarding the issue you had the other day with [details of the issue]. I know we let you down, and I’m sorry once again for that.

So, I’m following up on the solution we provided. Did it help? Could we have done better? Please let us know.

I’d be happy to assist if you have any other questions or concerns.


Sada kada znate kako se ispričati za pogreške koje ste načinili, što mislite o tome da naučite kako pristojno odbiti korisnikov zahtjev?

E-mailovi s isprikom – Često postavljana pitanja

Kako se profesionalno ispričati putem e-maila?

Profesionalna isprika u e-mailu bi trebala biti napisana iskreno, prihvaćajući problem i preuzimajući odgovornost. Štoviše, pokušajte ponuditi rješenje. Što je još važnije, nemojte samo kopirati i lijepiti generičke isprike.

Što kažete kada se netko ispriča putem e-maila?

Jednostavno se zahvalite na e-mailu i izrazite da cijenite ispriku/brzi odgovor.

Koji su koraci za profesionalnu ispriku korisniku?

1. Preuzmite odgovornost za pogrešku.

2. Priznajte da je pogreška stvorila problem vašem korisniku.

3. Ispričajte se.

4. Ponudite rješenje da se iskupite za pogrešku.

5. As a show of good faith, do something nice for your customer.

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